Introduction to Photography Judging at Sim Headquarters

Introduction to Photography Judging at Sim Headquarters

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a Societies’ Print Judge? Or what makes a photograph award-winning material?

Introduction to Photography Judging at Sim Headquarters

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a Societies’ Print Judge? Or what makes a photograph award-winning material? Well, this is the perfect opportunity to find out. In conjunction with the Societies of Photographers, Sim Lab is pleased to be hosting a unique event to educate attendees on the procedures and qualities of a professional panel judge, as well as to identify the elements of an award winning image.

The Societies is working in conjunction with labs all over the country to create this exclusive class and as an added bonus, attendees will be guided around the chosen lab to deepen their knowledge of the printing process. This is a wonderful opportunity for those thinking of entering The Societies 20×16″ Print Competition to see the quality and professionalism of our recommended labs first hand. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to tour Sim Lab’s dedicated professional photo printing facility as well as understand the production process of Competition Mounted Prints, specifically designed for award submissions.

A man looking at the photograph
Few men looking at a photograph

More About the “Introduction to Judging Day” Class

The “Introduction to Judging Day” topics covered during this unique and informative day include:

  • The qualities The Societies look for in professional judges

  • The rules and procedures of panel judging

  • The 10 Elements of an Award Winning image

  • Etiquette and elocution

  • The importance of positive judging

In addition to the above topics, attendees will have the opportunity to sit in the hot seat themselves and take part in the ‘mock-judging’ of physical prints during the afternoon session. This will ensure candidates leave feeling 100% confident in their new abilities!

Please note that this course is not part of the requirements necessary to be considered as an approved Societies’ Judge and attendees do not need to hold any current qualification with The Societies to take part.

About the Photography Judging Class Presenter

Terrie Jones’ passion for photographic judging has become somewhat infamous within the industry over the past several years, together with her team of over 40 experienced judges she has spent the last 16 years striving to maintain the high standards required for both Qualification and ‘Photographer of the Year Awards’.

Terrie joined The Societies at the young age of 16 and soon developed an interest in print critique. Taking it upon herself to learn more from the experienced photographers around her, Terrie quickly became The Societies Competition Administrator, a title which she held with pride for over 10 years.
During this time The Societies’ live annual 20×16″ Competition has grown from strength to strength, gaining respect for its transparency and diversity. It is now one of the largest ‘all welcome’ photographic print competitions in the world today.

Four years ago Terrie, desperate for personal development in the world of judging, attended the 2015 PPA Judging School in Atlanta where she proved herself not only as an administrator for judging, but as a judge herself. Terrie’s passion for judging has only grown since then, continuing to learn from her team she has used her experience to open The Societies Judging School, which is now a ‘must attend’ course for anybody wishing to deepen their understanding of print critique.

Now ‘Head of Judging’ at The Societies, Terrie is keen to share her knowledge and experiences with photographers with a view to maintaining the high standards expected within the industry.

Few people looking at a photograph
Few people looking at a wall of photographs

Dates and Venues for the “Introduction to Judging Day” Class

Hatfield, Sim Imaging – Monday 16th September
As well as:

  • Coventry, One Vision Imaging – Tuesday 17th September

  • Hull, G F Smith – Wednesday 18th September

  • Newcastle upon Tyne, Digitalab – Thursday 19th September

  • Glasgow, Loxley Colour – Friday 20th September

Each day will begin at 9am and run until 5pm. Tickets cost £100 and can be booked directly on The Societies website via paypal or card online.

To book your ticket, click below and select your local lab

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