Photo Strut Mounts

Photo Strut Mounts

Photo strut mounts are high quality, black cardboard photo mounts that your prints easily slip into. Ideal for school, nursery & event photos. Read more about them below.

Photo strut mounts

It is often said that more photographs are now taken every year than were taken in the span of the history of photography prior to the somewhat-understated launch of the world’s first brand new camera phone back in 2001 and its ground-breaking 640x480 0.3 megapixel pictures. That phone was, of course, the Nokia 7650 for any trivia lovers who are reading! So, what exactly does this have to do with photo strut mounts, you might be asking yourself.

Nowadays, parents take photographs of their children all the time with equipment of such a high quality contained in their mobile phones. There are now even apps available for teachers to send pictures and videos of their children in the classroom environment – images and film that, prior to this point, parents never had access to and which add a whole new level of involvement into their children’s learning journeys.

Having your school photo taken at the end of year (both singular headshots and classroom line-up shots) is no longer as special and as cherished as they once were. This means that school photographers are now in competition with parents to deliver extra-special memories and keepsakes of their kids. Further complicating the matter is the apparent explosion in the last five years of the number of competitor school photography firms.

Whichever way you look at it, you’re being squeezed as a school photographer from all sides. And our photo strut mounts provide part of your response to this increase in competition for parents’ attention.

Photo Strut Mounts
Photo strut mounts

Photo strut mounts – black photo mounts

SIM Lab provides hundreds of leading school photographers with high quality matt black photo mounts, perfect for school, nursery and, event photographers. They're available in a variety of sizes in 10/100 packs.

These quality photo strut mounts allow easy insertion of precious photographs and their two-way, back-mounted struts allow for either portrait or landscape display. Clients report that our photo strut mounts offer easy upsell opportunities to parents many of whom take up the offer as they decide to display their children’s school photographs in positions of prominence around their homes in this additional framing. Standard and panoramic options are available up to an impressive 8” by 20” size on the panoramic range.

For more information on, read our webpage on photo strut mounts.

Photo strut mounts – school photographers increase revenue with GotPhoto, the most advanced online sales system

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide school photographers with a competitive business edge, we introduce you to GotPhoto, the most advanced online sales system available to educational photography specialists.

GotPhoto offers a secure log-in for parents, QR-tagging technology, and a customisable shop to take parents and schools through the buying process. GotPhoto allows for SIMS data export to schools and you can use it to boost sales by taking advantage of its automated SMS and email marketing campaign functionality.

We’re offering a one-year free trial of GotPhoto or if you want to speak with one of our GotPhoto representatives.

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Photo Strut Mounts

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