Printing Is King

Printing Is King

Dave Williams, professional photographer shares his advice about printing your photos. This little piece of advice is one that seems so simple, yet is so often overlooked. Find out why he says this.

Print your photos. This little piece of advice is one that seems so simple, yet is so often overlooked. I was given this advice myself when starting out in photography and it’s for more than just one reason.

Here are the reasons why:

In our society, we rely ever increasingly on gadgets. We have gadgets at home, at work, in our pockets, literally everywhere. When we produce top notch, pixel perfect works of photographic mastery (and I am talking about everything from selfies at the Eiffel Tower through to long exposure Milky Way vistas) we owe ourselves more than just plugging them on social networks and showing them around at work on our phone screen once or twice, then being resigned to the cloud. What we owe them instead is the power of print. Memories we create are there in our thoughts, of course, but rekindling them together with those we created them with whilst looking through a photo album, perhaps after having to blow off the dust – that’s where that power is.

Using a professional photo printing service to take photography back to the old school is such a rewarding process. When I place an order with Sim Imaging for large photo printing it takes me back to what photography really is – making photos. That is, taking photos and printing them. Don’t get me wrong, I love to share my images on Instagram, but there are SO many benefits to sharing printed images with that audience you desire! Here’s one story of how I used Sim Imaging’s next day delivery photo prints to maximise the impact I needed to have.

I was working to gain access to the iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral in London to get a shot as part of an interior architecture project. Now, sending an e-mail is something that gets caught up among the hundreds of other e-mails that are sent asking the same thing time and time again. I needed to stand out, and in order to stand out I decided my tactic was going to be to send a print to the marketing manager! What better than a gift, right?

Everybody loves a gift! So when the marketing manager opened a mounted print of the cathedral it left it very hard to say no to me as I simultaneously asked for access to shoot the interior. Needless to say I got the shot, and whilstgetting my own personal tour inside the cathedral I was told that aside from the BBC I was the first photographer to be allowed to use a tripod to shoot St Paul’s interior for quite a number of years – blessed! I’m thankful that Sim Imaging offers such a high-quality photo lamination service for such good value, allowing me to achieve this!

And finally, I’ll say this: – You can show someone a photo on a screen and they will take a few seconds to look at it and scroll right on past, but give them a print and a totally different thing happens. The other senses start to get involved, the viewer becomes the holder, and they start not just to look at the image, but to feel it!

Their hands get involved, their experience is heightened, and that’s why printing is king!

By Dave Williams, @capturewithdave

Print your photos

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